Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring is near people

Spring is near. It's that time where girls who weigh about 100 lbs complain about not having "summer ready bods" solely for attention on social media. Like come on, we all know you've been starving yourself since the 8th grade, cut the crap please and thank you.
Anyways, I myself love Spring time because I think i'm nicer during that time of year. I mean that just may be my naive opinion but come on, it's probably true.
The weather is getting nicer, Easter is near, you can go outside without the feeling of wanting to hibernate for 3 years. I just love it.
I absolutely adore the holiday of Easter. Coloring eggs, the Easter Bunny, mass amounts of candy, does it get much better? I just love springy things, okay!?

Happy almost Spring people...try to smile today, smiles are contagious


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