Wednesday, March 2, 2016

no title needed

I've been thinking. I've been thinking how easy it is to be your own person. It's so easy to be your own person when you're alone. When you're alone, you can think your thoughts and you can think freely. 
It all changes so quickly when you walk out of your front door. When you walk out, there's people everywhere. People who are looking at you, expecting you to agree with their ideals and thoughts. Some people call this the "damaged society" we live in. Others call this life. I don't what I would call this, but I just know it's true.
I love to write. I don't know if I'm good at. I just enjoy it. I like to share my thoughts.
What is good writing? How do you write well? I know good writing when I read it, but I cannot pinpoint what makes it good.
If you think this blog is fully of choppy ideals, it's because it is. 

Read it and weap

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